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Your Joomla Site Hacked?

We Will Quickly Fix Any Hacked Joomla Website in Minutes!

Fee is only $175 per site . 

Send us your problem

We tried to make it as simple as it gets. Just open the sign up page, fill inthe fields and hit the button. This will instantly send your issue to one of our CMS Experts. Want to do it now? Click the button below.

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Hear back from an expert

As soon as we receive your problem, an expert will start analysing it. Usually within 45 minutes, you will receive a message from the expert on initial assessment of the problem and how we can help you. It will also be accompanied by a quote and timeline to fix the issue.

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Resolve your problem

Once you are ready to go ahead, you will have to buy the suggested support plan, and instantly our team will start resolving the problem. You will have full access to our support help desk to manage your tickets, notifications on progress and create new tickets. Your information can be only viewed by you and the support team.

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Get Expert Help

This service is run by Phil Taylor, who has been around the Joomla (and Mambo) ecosystem since the very beginning. A very experienced developer he can fix almost any issue you have.

No Fix No Fee

This is a pay per incident service, our normal set fee is GBP£75 to cover an hour of work on your problem. If we dont fix it then there is no fee payable. Can't be fairer than that!.

Steps to get help

Just complete our SECURE online form with all your site details, which get encrypted and sent to Phil to start work asap. Your problem will be resolved the same day and then invoiced.


No problem at all! We can fix any hacked site easily, identifying any hacked core files or uploaded hacker shells using our unique toolset and auditing system. We will clean it all up for you and provide some advice on site security.

Exploits Identification

If your Joomla Site has been repeatedly hacked, we can identify the root entry of the hacker, and provide advice and assistance in plugging the security holes we identify so that the hackers cannot return.

Site Offline? Errors?

Dont panic! Dont make it worse! Just request our help and we will get you up and running as soon as we can, nothing is impossible, although some things take a bit longer :-). Relax, Sit back, and await our resolution.

Server Security

Phil Taylor has a lot of experience with Linux dedicated servers and can reconfigure your servers for best security, and to resolve any PHP or hosting issues you might have.

Priority Assistance

As long as you provide all the information up front about a problem and provide access to your website/server then we should be able to fix your issue within a few hours.

What are you waiting for?

Just ask and we will jump to it for you! Get Help Now!